JNCIE-SEC rack rental

JNCIE-SEC rack rental service

Rack rental session time blocks:

iNET ZERO’s JNCIE-SEC rack rental sessions are 7 hours, 45 minutes in length (7:45).

Session one : 00:00 – 07:45 (CET) Central European Time

Session two : 08:00 – 15:45 (CET) Central European Time
Session three: 16:00 – 23:45 (CET) Central European Time

You can schedule JNCIE-SEC rack rental sessions with your purchased vouchers in our rack rental scheduling system.  One JNCIE-SEC voucher is valid for one JNCIE-SEC rack rental session time slot. Rack rental vouchers are valid 1 year after purchase date and cannot be extended.

Remote control:
Our SRX devices, access switch and VR device are accessible
through a console server and/ or oob management interface.

You can also use the logical topology configurations included with our JNCIE workbooks for initial setup.

Click here to view the physical topology for JNCIE-SEC.

JNCIE-SEC Rack Details:
8 x SRX devices (SRX240H and SRX-240H2)
1 x Access switch (QinQ support)
1 x Virtual Router (j-series) to simulate external peers / connectivity

Appsecure, IDP, Anti virus, Anti Spam, SurfControl

SRX software version: JUNOS 11.4 and JUNOS 12.1X47

Each rack is also equipped with a virtual router simulating the internet (in combination with workbook)

We only sell rack rental vouchers in combination with or in addition to our (previously) purchased workbooks. Please contact us if you would like to buy additional vouchers.  Check our rack rental availability first BEFORE you purchase rack rental vouchers.