JNCIE-ENT v1 and v2 workbook (2018) + walkthrough guide + 10 rack rental vouchers

December 16, 2014 2:15 pm

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iNET ZERO’s JNCIE-ENT v1.2 and v2.1 lab preparation workbooks are hands-on guides to test your skills needed to pass the official Juniper Networks JNCIE-ENT lab examination. The workbooks are based on the official JNCIE-ENT (2018) lab blueprint. The workbooks covers several technologies with expert level configuration tasks and detailed answers.


Furthermore the V1.2 workbook contains 3 x full 8 hour practice exam and the v2.1 contains 2 x full 8 hour practice exams to give you the same experience as in the real JNCIE lab. Our JNCIE-ENT workbooks are distributed in soft-copy (secured printable PDF) format.


iNET ZEROs JNCIE-ENT v2.1 walkthrough guide is targeted at JNCIS-ENT certified engineers who are studying for the JNCIE-ENT certification and need a little bit of extra help. The JNCIE-ENT v2.1 walkthrough guide is a very detailed walkthrough (525+ pages) of our JNCIE-ENT v2.1 workbook, including additional theory sections and step by step detailed explanations, many screenshots for additional help in solving the tasks


This package also includes 10 x JNCIE-ENT rack rental vouchers, which gives you more then 75 hours access to our JNCIE-ENT rack rental system to practice all lab scenario’s


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