JNCIE-SP Platinum bundle

June 9, 2017 7:03 pm

 999.00 ( 1,208.79 incl. 21% vat)



The JNCIE platinum bundle includes all JNCIE-SP workbooks:

  • JNCIE-SP v2.0 Lab workbook with detailed solution (1450+ pages)
  • JNCIE-SP v1.0 (2018) Full Scale Labs volume 1 (5 full labs)
  • JNCIE-SP v1.0 (2018) Full Scale Labs volume 2 (5 full labs)
  • JNCIE-SP v1.1 (2018) Technology Focused workbook

Detailed description:

iNET ZEROs JNCIE-SP v2.0 Lab exam preparation workbook is a hands-on guide to verify your skills needed to pass the official Juniper Networks JNCIE-SP 2018 lab examination. The workbook is based on the official JNCIE-SP lab blueprint. Each chapter covers JNCIE-SP technologies with challenging tasks, very detailed answers, additional theory section and step by step detailed explanations with many screenshots. Furthermore the workbook contains three full 8 hour practice exams to give you the same experience as in the real JNCIE lab. 

The JNCIE-SP Full-Scale Lab workbook volume 1 & volume 2 are specifically designed for JNCIE candidates to practice technologies in the public blueprint of Juniper Networks’ JNCIE-SP Lab Exam. It also help candidates practice skills relating to time management, task prioritisation, dependencies and correlations. The workbooks are distributed in soft-copy (secured printable PDF) format.There are 10 full scale labs (5 in each volume) with questions falling under the following topics. While volume 1 focuses on building foundations of core technologies, volume 2 introduces troubleshooting tasks for core topics.

This bundle also includes the JNCIE-SP Technology Focused workbook.

Initial and final configuration files (.txt) are provided with our workbooks

Our workbooks are distributed in soft-copy (secured printable PDF) format.

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Jörg Buesink

Jörg Buesink

Jörg is the founder of iNET ZERO, lives in the Netherlands near Amsterdam and brings more than 10 years of experience in the IT and networking industry. Jörg is triple JNCIE certified (JNCIE-ENT#21, JNCIE-SP#284 and JNCIE-SEC#30) as well as triple CCIE#10532 (Routing/ Switching, Service provider and Security), Cisco CCDE#20110002 and MEF-CECP (Metro Ethernet Forum) certified.

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